Other Platforms


Here "other platforms" essentially means any (Clojure) platforms that hasn’t been mentioned specifically earlier in a dedicated section of the documentation.

As noted earlier in the documentation, down the road CIDER might support non-Clojure platforms as well. As things stand today, however, that’s not particularly high on our list of priorities.


As of CIDER 1.6, the default CIDER connection command cider-connect-clj is capable of connecting to any nREPL server that implements the core nREPL protocol interface. So, all you need to do is the following:

  • Start an nREPL server (the project’s README usually has a section on starting a nREPL server).

  • M-x cider-connect-clj <RET>

And that’s it! You’ll get every feature that’s implemented by the nREPL server you’re using.

Supported Platform

Here’s an incomplete list of Clojure platforms that you can use as described above.

For nbb you can alternatively connect via cider-connect-cljs, see nbb.

Limitations & Caveats

  • Everything will be treated as a Clojure connection, regardless of the underlying platform.

  • Errors will be displayed only as overlays. (The default CIDER error buffer is not implemented currently).

  • The amount of functionality you’ll get will be dependent on how well the nREPL server you’re using implements the core nREPL protocol.