CIDER currently has several official & unofficial support channels.

For questions, suggestions and support refer to one of them. Please, don’t use the support channels to report issues, as this makes them harder to track.

Mailing list

The official mailing list is hosted at Google Groups. It’s a low-traffic list, so don’t be too hesitant to subscribe.


We’ve got an unofficial Freenode channel - #clojure-emacs. It’s not actively monitored by the CIDER maintainers themselves, but still you can get support from other CIDER users there.


We’ve got an official Clojurians Slack - #cider. This is usually be best way to get a handle on some of the maintainers and interact with other CIDER users. The channel is very active! If you need an invite you can go here.

There’s also another channel named #emacs for generic Emacs discussions.


We’re also encouraging users to ask CIDER-related questions on StackOverflow.

When doing so you should use the cider tag (ideally combined with the tags emacs and clojure).


If you’re willing to pay for some feature to be implemented you can use Bountysource to place a bounty for the work you want to be done.