Report issues and suggest features and improvements on the GitHub issue tracker. Don’t ask questions on the issue tracker - use the support channels instead.

If you want to file a bug, please provide all the necessary info listed in our issue reporting template (it’s loaded automatically when you create a new GitHub issue).

It’s usually a good idea to try to reproduce (obscure) bugs in isolation. You can do this by cloning CIDER’s GitHub repo and running make run-cider inside it. This will bring up Emacs with only the latest version of CIDER loaded. By starting fresh, with the latest code, we can ensure that the problem at hand isn’t already fixed or caused by interactions with other packages.


Patches in any form are always welcome! GitHub pull requests are even better! :-)

If your changes do not require a REPL, consider submitting to clojure-mode instead.

Before submitting a patch or a pull request make sure all tests are passing and that your patch is in line with the contribution guidelines.