Current Status

ClojureCLR on CIDER is not great due to the lack of a fully-functional nREPL server for ClojureCLR. There are currently two options:

If you need to use CIDER with ClojureCLR today Arcadia’s nREPL is your only usable option. That being said - is a much more sophisticated project and ideally we should get it over to the finish line.


Contributions welcome!

As cider-jack-in doesn’t support ClojureCLR projects out-of-the-box currently, you’ll need to start an nREPL server externally and connect to it with cider-connect.


In an ideal world we’ll achieve the following objectives:

  • out-of-the-box ClojureCLR support with cider-jack-in

  • feature parity between Clojure’s nREPL implementation and (the project can use some help)

  • adapting cider-nrepl for ClojureCLR (some of its codebase is JVM-specific)

Given that Bozhidar’s knowledge of CLR and time are limited, it’d be great if we manage to find some volunteers to help with the work that’s needed in this direction. In particular it’d be amazing to complete, as the project needs relatively little work to be fully usable.